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Newcomers Shout Outs! April 5-12 2021


We had high hopes that we could keep up with our shout outs , birthdays, and anniversary announcements on Mailbag Monday. You guys are the greatest and you deserve it, but we are swamped with requests! Remember, we’re retired folks too!
Here is a batch from this week. If you requested and were left out, we are SO SORRY! Many came in after we recorded this.

We are always amazed and humbled that you took time to write to us. We appreciate it more than we can say and Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please know that we read every single comment and e-mail whether we are able to answer you on the air or not. We answer many by e-mail, but can’t get to them all, especially repeat questions. Thank you for your understanding. If you have a need to have your question answered by e-mail, please type the question in the subject line. That helps us find it in a sea of e-mails.

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