Trusted Services We Use

This is a list of services that have done work for us and we highly recommend

Danny’s Deluxe Painting (352)282.9319
We first hired Danny to paint the interior of our home.  He did a wonderful job and then we hired him to paint the exterior.  We could not be more pleased with his work ethic, professionalism, and the quality of his work.

Alan Vaca Landscaping (352)874.2029
We interviewed several companies before we chose Allan to do our landscaping. He did a fantastic job and solved many problems for us.  He also did new Stone work all around the front of our home. He is super friendly and extremely knowledgeable

Air/FX (352)423.4027
We had a different heating/cooling company. After being taken advantage of, we switched to Air/FX.   We think they are extremely fair and reliable.  They now service all of our HVAC needs. 

Electrix, Inc. (352)344.0098

We needed emergency electrical help. Electrix came out immediately and solved our problem.  Owned by Air/FX, we now have a trusted electrician when we need one.  Very professional and easy to work with.

Shade brothers (352)431.3181
Our lanai faces West and was very hot.   Shade brothers installed motorized translucent shades that would repel the heat but still let light in.   They have been excellent to work with and we highly recommend them.

Superior Services 352-867.0885
We have been happy with Superior Services as they control our pest, fertilizer, and weeds. They treat our yard once each month and will come back any time free of charge if you need more.  If you decide to use them, please tell them that Jerry and Linda sent you.

Pittman Law Office (352)399.6944
We have total confidence in the Pittman Law Office when it comes to our legal needs.

Edison Concreations (352)406.8775
We constantly get questions as to who did our beautiful driveway. Edison concretions painted the unique design and comes back to seal it when needed.   His work is top-notch and his word is his bond.

WallBeds Plus (352)259.8444
We like this company.  They are a family run company that not only creates custom wall beds, but also does all types of storage and closet designs as well. They are very easy to work with.

Alliant Dermatology (352)399.7295
Skin care is so important in Florida with the intense sun. Jerry has had multiple surgeries and we both have regular checks with Alliant.
We really believe that this is a first-rate medical practice.

Safe Step Stairs (217)433.1394
Homes here do not come with staircases to the attic in the garage. We solved this problem with a wonderful oversized staircase that allows us easy access to the attic.   Larger and safer than the pull-down folding ladders, this allowed bicycles, large boxes, and so many things to be stored in the attic that we could not before.  We are very happy with our Safe Step Stairs.    

LANDMARK Web Design (208)634.5557
Helping People Succeed Online for 25 years! Website Design, Social Media Setup, Professional Email, Cloud Hosting.

Created this website 🙂

Nova Water Filters (352)566.2649
We had no water filter system when we moved in. Linda quickly decided we needed one and we searched high and low for a good system at a fair price.  We decided upon the Nova system and have been very happy with it.

The install was very prompt and it has worked flawlessly for five years.   The filters need to be replaced about once a year, and we call Nova and they come out and do it for us.